Counseling, therapy and life coaching
Wi Awaken
A non-profit charitable organization
700 North Pine Street
PO Box 189
Burlington, Wi. 53105-0755
Our counseling staff consists of master’s and doctorate level therapists
trained in areas including, but not limited to, depression, mood
disorders, personality disorders, adjustment disorders, trauma, anger
management, substance abuse, addictions, Collaborative Divorce, divorce/separation and
parenting support. 

Make an Appointment or ask a Question: [email protected]

Methods of payment:
Wi Awaken accepts cash, money order or credit cards for services. If you wish to use your insurance, please contact your insurance to verify that Wi Awaken or one of the therapist are in network. We are usually in network with Dean, Anthem, Humana, Eatna and Cigna, but please contact your insurance company no-matter what your insurance is as our networks are increasing regularly.

If we are not in network you can request, you can be provided a “super bill” at the time of your completion which can be submitted to your insurance company for expenses you paid. Most insurance companies will reimburse part of the expenses even if out of network.

Why doesn’t might someone not want to use thier insurance?
Pre-existing: There is a lot of attention paid to “pre-existing conditions” lately in the insurance debate and proposed changes to insurance availability. This means that if you have a prior diagnosis in the past few years, the insurance company may deny you services or charge you more for a premium.
Deductibles/Co-pays/Co-insurance: There is an increasing trend in insurance coverage policies to require huge personal and family deductibles to be met and paid before insurance will cover a percentage of your services. These annual  deductibles are traditionally set very high so that they are very seldom met, meaning you are paying out of pocket for many services anyway.  After your deductible is met, your insurance may still require you be charged a co-pay which is payable at the start of each session or co-insurance, meaning you still pay a part of the cost after your co-pay and deductible are met. This results in significantly more out of pocket expenses when insurance is used as opposed to when there is a reasonable self-pay reduced rate in place which is sometimes more than the full cost of services at Wi Awaken.

Less Expense: By being a non-profit counseling organization utilizing fundraisers and donations, we can continue to provide excellent services at a lower rate. We do not profit from services beyond expenses. When we can keep our expenses low, the cost to you is down significantly. Our rates are often 40% -50% less than hospitals or for profit counseling clinics, and we provide better care.

Wi Awaken does work with a few employee assistance programs (EAP’s). Contact your employer to see if any sessions may be covered through your EAP with Wi Awaken.
Service Cost
Services begin with either a “Program Intake” or a “Full Assessment”, below is a short explanation of how they are the same and different. Persons that choose to pay the recommended service in full by the second session will receive a 10% discount on the overall price of the program.

Adam Ruins Everything

Therapy Rates

Individual sessions: $60 - $120 depending on therapist
Group sessions: $35  - $40per group hour
Recovery Coaching: $40 per hour