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A non-profit charitable organization
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Our counseling staff consists of master’s and doctorate level therapists
trained in areas including, but not limited to, depression, mood
disorders, personality disorders, adjustment disorders, trauma, anger
management, substance abuse, addictions, Collaborative Divorce, divorce/separation and
parenting support. 

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As we go through life we are required to use skills that we often learned from our past. Sometimes these skills work, sometimes they only work for a little while and sometimes they don’t work at all. Relationships make things even more confusing because now we are bringing our skill set and combining it with a skill set that another person brings. Add to that mix of skills the various experiences we had in relationships in the past and the lessons we learned. People get into relationships for all kinds of reasons, one of the strongest is to have a life partner. Someone to be with that can support them, encourage them, respect them, love them and care about them.
Fear and abandonment and creating accessibility and responsiveness. Books on relationships may be helpful to some, but it is like learning how to dance with your partner by reading a book.

When relationships work, the research is overwhelming as the many benefits including living longer and healthier than people in unhappy relationships or alone. Unhappy relationships result in recurrent physical stress and feeling emotionally overwhelmed resulting in any number of physical ailments. Additionally in unhappy relationships a person’s immune system is depressed resulting in more illness. Unhappy relationships result in financial, emotional, spiritual and parenting problems.
Wi Awaken has various approaches for you to consider in changing your relationships from coach and psycho-education to regularly therapy to weekend retreats and intensive 3 hour sessions. These service are appropriate for all ages, ethnicities, religious, and sexual orientations.  
                        New into a relationship and want to really invest in the future of it;
                        Those in relationships for a long time and feel disconnected;
                        Those looking to enter into a formal relationship and want tools for their success;
                        Entering a new relationship and wishing to make sure things will be different this time.

Various by Venue

This 10 - 12 hour workshop is based on the resarch of Dr. Gottman regarding skills needed to be a successful couple in The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. The leaders of this workshops are Gottman trained leaders. For this workshop it is expected that both members of the relationship attend. Sessions are held in various locations with different night or weekend options.

Relationship Seminar


This 1.5 hour relationship seminar is held at various times and locations thorughout Chicago and Wisconsin. It is encouraged that you attend this with your partner to learn aobut the latest research on the differences between the behavior of a relatiosnhip "master" and a relationship "disaster",

Relationship Counseling Traditional Outpatient Sessions

$120.00 for 50 min.

 This traditional or after-care approach often involves weekly or every other week session. While it is encouraged your partner comes wtih you to all the sessions, it is not necessary.
Wi Awaken does not bill insurance so it is a self pay service. But a "superbill" can be sent to you to send to your insurance company if you wish to attempt to pursue reimbursement.

Relationship Workshop

Is your relationship no longer working for you?
#1. You have poor communication with your partner. There are issues that you can’t bring up or there are issues that are constantly present in every discussion. Arguments bring up damage from pain years ago that still lingers.
#2. You no longer have intimacy in relationship, issues like touch and sex are infrequent or non-existent.
#3. The past is not in the past, but comes up time and time again. Some hurts and pain inflicted on the other person are being regularly revisited to the point where the couple doesn’t feel they can move on emotionally and experience either other in the present.
#4. Your future goals and finances keep being the focus of disconnect and frustration.
#5. Instead of partners, you feel more like a parent to your partner.
Just like most skills we use, learn to drive a stick shift car, bounce a basketball, they often can take time and require some practice. Changing our relationships requires to view situations differently and challenge our own skill set. Just like being a parent, some approaches work with some kids but will not work with others, in some relationships some skills will work in some relationships or at some times but not others.