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Our counseling staff consists of master’s and doctorate level therapists
trained in areas including, but not limited to, depression, mood
disorders, personality disorders, adjustment disorders, trauma, anger
management, substance abuse, addictions, Collaborative Divorce, divorce/separation and
parenting support. 

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The Relationship Intensive Therapy (RIT) experience at Wi Awaken involves utilizing a 3 hours (15 minute break) theraputic experience. There is significant research and experience that supports relationship work is best done in a longer mode than the “traditional” approach by many therapists.
Couples counseling has one of the highest, if not the highest, premature dropout rate.  This means that couples are only getting part of the gain from therapy before stopping to attend, limiting the therapy benefits.
               Finding times when couples can meet with therapists is often difficult if done in short 40 or 50 minute sessions, resulting in multiple cancellations and rescheduling as “life gets in the way” for either member in the couple or the therapist.
           Traditional therapist work with couples every week, every other week or once a month. Therapy is spread out over such a long period of time that limit therapy as sessions are spread out and require lost time in each session summarizes prior sessions and small talk.
          Traditional therapists work on an insurance hour, which is 40 to 50 minutes, depending on the insurance. This traditional therapy limitation results in fewer issues being discussed and little can be worked out before the session is over until the next session.

After 30 years of providing counseling and therapy, Dr. Bishop has engaged with thousands of couples either on the brink of disaster or wishing to go deeper with their relationship. Recognizing the strengths and challenges of traditional relationship counseling and interventions, Dr. Bishop started to recognize the many limitations. In addition to being a psychologist, he is also a University Professor, so of course he dug into the research, which further clarified his resolve to create the RIT approach. He does not utilize one therapeutic intervention for every relationship that he believes can help every situation, he tailors sessions to the needs of the couple. Having been trained by some of the most influence people in the field of relationship work, Dr. Bishop utilizes: Structural Therapy (Dr. Minuchin), Systems, Short Term Solutions Focused (Michele Weiner-Davis), Emotionally Focused Therapy (Dr. Johnson), Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral, Gottman (Dr. Gottman).
The RIT Experience
Couples choose different ways to engage in the RIT depending on their specific needs.
RIT can be a standalone therapeutic intervention in which the couple only engages in one experience in order to kick start their relationship or to focus on a few aspects of the relationship. The standalone approach is also useful in situations of premarital counseling.

Many couples will choose to engage in RIT sessions weekly or every other week for a total of 4 sessions (12 hours) over a period of up to 3 months. This allows sessions to build on each other and for the therapist to work at a deeper level with the couple than is possible in a traditional model or the standalone experience.

One or both individuals in the relationship may be working with an individual counselor, either with Wi Awaken or another facility and still engage in RIT, choosing to engage in RIT as an adjunct service to their individual therapy. This is often the case when one person (or both) in the relationship is dealing with issues such as addictive behaviors, a mood disorders or other self-defeating behaviors.

The RIT experience may also be utilized if the couple is actively engaged in traditional couple therapy, but only with the approval of the couple therapist they are working with. The RIT experience can increase the therapeutic effective of traditional couple work and by having the RIT therapist consulting with the traditional couple counselor, the treatment team expands and the experience is enhanced.

Paperwork is e-mailed to each member prior to the time of booking including client demographics and short questionnaires to be filled out by each person.

At the time the deposit is received the session appointment times are confirmed.

A cost of a three hours session (15 minute break) is $360.

A $50 down payment is required at the time the session is scheduled and the remaining $310 is required at the start of the session.

Couples wishing to pay for the full session at the time of the schedule receive a 10% discount.