Counseling, therapy and life coaching
Wi Awaken
A non-profit charitable organization
700 North Pine Street
PO Box 189
Burlington, Wi. 53105-0755
Our counseling staff consists of master’s and doctorate level therapists
trained in areas including, but not limited to, depression, mood
disorders, personality disorders, adjustment disorders, trauma, anger
management, substance abuse, addictions, Collaborative Divorce, divorce/separation and
parenting support. 

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While we are located in Burlington, Wisconsin. We are only a short commute from: Lake Geneva, Waterford, Mukwanago, East Troy, Elkhorn, Delavan, Union Grove, Lyons, Paddock Lake, Twin Lakes, Big Bend, Yorkville and Waukesha.

Counseling, Therapy and Coaching
How to know when it is time to talk with a helping professional
You likely have heard people say to "just deal with it", "move on", or "the pain will go away soon". There are many that will minimize life's challenges due to their own issues. The interesting thing is that the more you try and "move on", the more something may be holding you back as the pain compounds. Healthy people do more than "just deal with it", they want more out of life than merely existing. Healthy people know when they are stuck in a rut, when the same arguments are happening over and over again, when the same behavior or thoughts are getting in the way of happiness, when their goals seem to never get any closer. Come in and speak to one of our professionals and see how you can start getting more out of life and get closer to reaching your goals.
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Wi Awaken was founded in 2015 by therapists that had the mutual desire to create a different counseling experience in Wisconsin. After working for years in both for-profit and non-profit agencies, the dream of creating something special and unique that really focused on the needs of the patients was brought into practice with the forming of Wi Awaken in South Eastern Wisconsin.

Located at 700 North Pine Street in historic Burlington Wisconsin, Wi Awaken provides reasonably priced high quality mental health care in the following areas:

* Mental Health Counseling: Experienced therapist utilize a variety of treatment approaches to promote change and growth to meet each clients individual needs in relation to behavioral and emotional interventions. Through individual and family sessions and partner feedback as appropriate, the focus is on client goal attainment and success through a supportive and challenge environment. 

* Domestic Violence Cessation: By focusing on creating a research based approach, staff work with the batterers involved in domestic violence situations. Group and individual sessions are utilized to learn new coping skills, recognize the patterns involved in violence, identify self-defeating behaviors and engage in new healthy behaviors, conflict resolution skills, coping skills creation, interpersonal relationship changes and more.

* Collaborative Divorce Facilitation, Coaching or Child Specialist: A collaborative divorce is one in which the parents work through specially trained attorneys and "neutrals" to help the family adapt to the divorce process through a non-adversial process focused on the interest of each parent and any children involved. Wi Awaken can participate in a variety of ways to assist the process and parties to help during this difficult transition. For more information on collaborative divorce, please click on this link  Collaborative Divorce

* Anger Management: A minimum of 14 hours conducted in group, individual or family modalities designed for the person that is experiencing difficulties in functioning in a variety of areas (road rage, battery, disorderly conduct) as a result difficulty in controlling strong emotions.

* Recovery Coaching/Case Management: Individuals in need of case management or more regular involvement with a professional than is possible with counseling. An ideal program for those involved in diversion programs to encourage and track accountability and healthy decision making.

* Substance Recovery: Education and therapy to focus on the many issues involved in substance experimentation and use are covered in the program including recognizing high risk situation, changing lifestyle behaviors, challenging irrational thoughts, creating healthy coping skills and more. Group, family, couple and individual sessions formats are available.

* Relationship Counseling: Therapy designed, based on research, to support healthy relationship behavior and emotions. Individual, couple, intensive couple and retreats are available to create happy relationships that empower each person to be a stronger, more loving and supportive mate.

Certified Batters Treatment Provider

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